Timeless Isle - Getting to Ordos' Island without a Legendary Cloak The fastest way onto the island is to find someone with the legendary cloak, have them mount a multiperson mount, get in, and then jump over together! If you are a new level 90 looking to get into the raiding scene, this is a great place to quickly gear up to a respectable level. The Timeless Isle was where future Emperors tested their wits and skills against the four celestials in order to prove themselves; today it is open to many different factions including the Tillers, the Lorewalkers, the Alliance, the Horde, and even the Bronze Dragonflight are all fascinated with the new isle and puzzled at its very existence. This addon is based on the excellent Mechagon & Nazjatar plugin itself based on the Argus and Warfronts plugins.. The reusable trinket that ports you to Timeless Isle is the Time-Lost Artifact. Luckily, you don't really need to get to him. That basically restricts me as to the level gear I can get since that problem turned me into a solo player (for example, that kills the entire black prince quest line and certain places you can go to on the Timeless Isle). A HandyNotes plugin for the Timeless Isle zone. The Timeless Isle is filled with rare spawns, rare Elites, chests containing epic loot, and events that are all highly rewarding. The Timeless Isle is an end game zone that was released about midway through the Mists of Pandaria expansion. It's not available anymore. There’s no way around it. HandyNotes: Timeless Isle. It's sold for 7500 timeless coins, which might sound like a lot but the elite mobs (easy kills for you at 120) drop about 50 coins each, and the rares drop even more, so this is not a huge grind at all. Accepting the quest provides a one-time use [Curious Bronze Timepiece], which will teleport players directly to Watcher Lara's position on the isle. I … War Mode players, take note: It’s probably best to temporarily turn War Mode off when visiting the Timeless Isle. If you want this mount — either because it looks cool or you’re working toward one of the mount accumulation achievements — prepare for a grind. If you didn't get it back then, you can't get there. Just faster timeless coin farm. To get to Ordos you need to have the legendary cloak from Mists of Pandaria. Progression. How to get the Crimson Water Strider. Some won’t be simple to get … There are lots of easy-to-get epic items. One of the unique quirks of the Timeless Isle, introduced in patch 5.4, was the means in which players accessed Ordos, Fire-God of the Yaungol and the world boss located at … It will add the locations and rewards for rare mobs and treasures and to the map. I'm getting at least three gear upgrades per toon. When you find yourself in close proximity to any of these, you’ll see them pop up on your minimap, denoting their location and event type. There's no unique drops or pets there. Learn the flight path upon getting there! Intro [90] A Flash of Bronze... [90] Journey to the Timeless Isle [90] Time Keeper Kairoz [90] A Timeless Tour & [90] Time In Your Hands Forum discussion: If you haven't and need gear upgrades you really need to get to the Timeless Isle. I've geared 5 characters with the Timeless Isle gear, excluding a ring or trinket here and there (4 casters, 1 melee). You cannot get up here from below — players that are already level 100 or have Aviana’s Feather in their possession can fly out to this island from the Everbloom Overlook flight point, sit in the chairs and click the fire for a quick teleport back to the Timeless Isle.