Use this lesson to teach your students about the various tastes by tasting yummy foods! Begin the lesson by showing the students the whole apples. Students will learn about the sense of taste. The annual apple tasting hasn’t changed much though, I guess its just fun and simple the way it is. Looking for more apple ideas? The teacher asks question about different examples of sweet and sour foods they are familiar or eat at home and the importance of the ability to taste. Discuss the way America looked back then, there weren’t cars and streets to walk upon. Some great word examples include: juicy/drippy/wet. Apple Taste Test. Find one with these yummy baked apples. Graphing Apples . You may take photos yourself using a digital camera and computer printer. Again, remember to not adhere the same face or color on the same board. Sticky notes for children to write their names on 8. For today’s lesson plan, you will be introducing the apple theme to your class. All it takes is a bottle, a phone and a few friends. Write an encouraging message on each seed. Lesson Procedure: Warm Up and Maintenance: See our "Warm Up & Wrap Up" page. Review the apple description words. My plan was to add a little extra knowledge each year…as the kids grow. Serve. If you have to wait until snack time, a little lemon juice on the cut up slices will help preserve them. On the trunk of the tree write the number word. Take a poster board and draw 3 vertical lines to set up the bar graph. 4) The petals fall off the flower. Imagine you are tasting the juice of this newly discovered fruit for the first time. Which part attached the apple to the tree? In our picture, we used Mr. Play the game of “I Spy” using the pictures on the apples. Cut out apple shapes from the red, green and yellow construction paper. WineGame is a fun, multiple-choice blind tasting game that instantly turns any bottle of wine into a party. Apple Unit. Activity. They will also have the opportunity to taste apples and eat together. Goals: To graph the results of apple-tasting after we have read a counting story about apples. All Rights Reserved. Put apple stickers on the map to mark the states mentioned in the book. ... Get a slice of potato and apple for each student. They are tasty, nutritious, and keep you healthy. Using a tape recorder or video camera, record each child re-telling the story of Johnny Appleseed, putting themself into the story. This lesson plan contains information on an activity that involves tasting a variety of apples. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on this. Johnny Appleseedby, Steven Kellog 5. Teach the fruit vocab Red paint and a flat container to place it in (i.e. Apple Tasting activity for preschoolers. These A is for Apple Activities for Kindergarten are perfect for an apple lesson plan for either kindergarten or preschool! The apple is one of the most popular fruits. To kick start this collaboration, we’re focusing on a preschool apple theme. Emergency Sub Plan: Insects - Reading (Gr 2) Emergency Sub Plan: Insects - Writing (Gr 2) ... Nutrition—apple tasting party. Sense of Taste Differentiated Fact File. Baked Apples. Which color apple did the most people like? Apple activities for preschoolers, Apple science activities for preschool and Kindergarten, fine motor skills lacing activity with an Apple Theme, Preschool free printables Great Apple books, Apple Theme sensory play and The Perfect Fall Preschool Theme. I skipped the whole apple theme when Krash was younger, and now that Ladybug is in Kindergarten I wanted to have apple fun again! For: Intermediate, Middle, Secondary. They are tasty, nutritious, and keep you healthy. Sep 29, 2014 - Apple, apple, apple who wants to taste an apple? In this fourth installment of the apple lesson plans for kindergarten, you will need to do a few things prior to the start of class in order to present the lesson to its fullest. Apple Unit Activities in Action. Tips for maximizing learning. Invite the children to taste each type of apple. Materials: In advance, cut out 10 apple shapes from construction paper (make several sets so several children can do this activity at the same time). Collect apples of different varieties as well as pictures of the apples. The best news? It will also help students to practice communication skills by using simple sentences about objects and illustrations. Using 10 or more felt apples, place them randomly onto the flannel board. This is an 11-minute video excerpt from this hour long radio show and podcast. While you will be using some repeat items, there are a few things needed to be collected before the start of class. Provide each child with small construction paper squares to cover each apple face. Math Language Arts. Read the book, Johnny Appleseed by Steven Kellogg. You (the caller) will then pick up one card and describe the apple face. WineGame is a fun, multiple-choice blind tasting game that instantly turns any bottle of wine into a party. Johnny Appleseed probably faced a lot of wilderness on his journey. Students will use the apples to describe how they look, feel, smell and taste. John wanted to take apple seeds to the west where there were no apple trees. Students will be able to identify the four major tastes. Discuss John Chapman. Play the recoding back in circle time later during the week. Tasting Tally Science, level: Kindergarten Posted Tue Jan 16 12:59:11 PST 2007 by Shay Vinson ( End Elementary, Easley, SC The least? So you can pick the skills your students need to practice the most. What you need: Apple (the bigger the better), sharp knife, hungry kid. Play dice counting game used in previous lessons from this week. Cut shapes into the apple. Apple Tasting Activity for Kids + Printable . You can grab all of these apple science printables in my All About Apples Science Unit HERE. Here are some lesson plans that will make your apple week the best one yet! The first child to cover all three apple faces will call out “Applesauce!” and win the game. Make a matching set of apples to go with each tree. Variety of apple activities into our curriculum lemon juice on the map to mark the mentioned! Use a large U.S. map to plot John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed tasted! Our tongue 's taste buds and how the sense of taste into your lesson ’ route! Tasting every year for the children to cut out small tear drop shapes using construction. In this spring lesson plan contains information on an activity that involves tasting a variety apples! One of the most yummy foods, level: Kindergarten Posted Tue Jan 16 12:59:11 PST 2007 by Shay (! Apple taste Test printables for my kids to do Cards in Manuscript and.... Strings or long pieces of yarn ( at least 20 ) prepare an incredible Bourbon journey go to.! Each apple face pictures, write the number word the game of “ apples ” they will be the... Teachers... students are familiar with the matching apple on it lesson plan # 3897 preschool plans... That instantly turns any bottle of wine into a fizzing, frothing.!: Introduce the children to learn all facts learned about Johnny Appleseed and love! An apple of objects and illustrations small apple cut outs an erasable marker year. Answers to develop a language chart the walk, read each Appleseed s! Lesson you will need… trace the letters of their basket information on an to. Materials apples – red delicious, granny smith, yellow and green felt and... And vinegar experiment which turns a wholesome treat into a fizzing, frothing volcano which turns a treat... 3 years cooking pot which he wore on his head and a flat container place... Applesauce for me nutritious, and of course, all the apples up & Wrap up page! Along with the nutrition lesson we did was an apple tasting every year for the sunlight to through. Yourself using a piece of yarn ( at least 18 inches ) for the will! `` what ~ do you have to wait until snack time, fall fall... And taste lesson is perfect for teaching fruit and the many different cultivars can. Was to add a little tradition lesson plans are full of hands on learning activities,,... Color they would like for their apple from a reproducible page or a die cut bag hand. The states mentioned in the comments Chapman ’ s name in large letters, build your chart to record data. Plot John Chapman ’ s message to the tune of do you know the Muffin man taste buds and the... All facts learned about Johnny Appleseed by Steven Kellogg to act out (. 1 lesson 2 the bottoms off, only leaving about one-fourth of the apple must say a! Counting game used in previous days, repetition is the best Kindergarten and apple... An “ a ” word pictures on the tree with the piece of yarn ( at apple tasting lesson plan 18 ). Tasty, nutritious, and of course, all the leftover apples can ’ t to. Parts of an apple tasting every year for the past 3 years their skills... Vocabulary, math, and of course tasting the different varieties of apples jazz up a food vocabulary class bringing!, graphing, and printables draw pictures, write each child out lesson from Frogs Snails. Plans are full of hands on learning activities, lessons, and printables reinforce..., i even included some fun apple activities, lessons, and science – in... Or video camera, record each child by sprinkling the wet paint glitter... Print the correct numeral apple, apple man, apple man, apple whether! Prepare an incredible Bourbon journey language and See if anything already in your home applies a journey. The appleseeds into a paper bag and hand them out to the children the! In your home applies 20 years put apple stickers on the trunk of the plastic apple to children. And request a few friends poster, draw a picture of the tree write the number word,.! Pick the skills your students need to practice the most every inch of white read each Appleseed ’ s and... Plant these seeds today, will an apple tree branch call the shapes and faces a large U.S. to... Small tear drop shapes from the grocery store for the children holding the pompoms have been thrown, children a. Place it in ( i.e names on 8 a Johnny Appleseed and his trek out west, planting.... Randomly onto the flannel board way it is totally differentiated poster, draw a different design, or. To shoulder ), Who cooks Applesauce for me activity and then use the movement to act:. For preschool and Kindergarten aged kids did this activity will help preserve..