Oh my goodness! The parts are divided into pre-COVID, lockdown, and post-COVID. +84 (8) 3838 6661 But Vietnam is a perfect place for sick celiacs, because their chicken soup is made with thick rice noodles. Despite being a pork festival, it’s actually quite light, and the thin rice noodles compliment the meat well. 151 Dong Khoi Street, District 1 Thanks for reading. I welcome criticism, even if not constructive, but ad hominem attacks will be removed. Breakfast is a big deal in Saigon. After two winters of stuffing my face around this city I love, I decided to put together a guide to Saigon street food, gathering some of the places I keep coming back to in one place. Bloom Saigon (formerly May Restaurant) is tucked at the end of a tiny alleyway near the canal’s edge, not far from my recommended Pho place on Hoang Sa. Open 24 hours. I definitely need to plan a trip to Vietnam this is amazing! When you asked whether flour had wheat and rice, or when/if you confirmed whether rice flour was used, was there a significant language barrier, or did they understand what you were asking? hi Jodi, ). Ca kho to, braised claypot catfish, from the best com tam joint in town. Fancier rooftop: Recommended in many a guidebook, Shri isn’t at all off-the-path, but it remains my preferred rooftop bar for a sunset drink. Thanks for the comment David. +84 8 3843 6460. Instead, if they do use a thickener it is tapioca flour or rice flour. +84 974 453 087 Jodi, As I’ve mentioned when I came to Vietnam in 2012 for the first time, and in my recent posts, canh chua was the reason I first visited. These are also quite fun to frequent, but for somewhere more relaxing to try Vietnamese coffee, opt for a cup at Cuc Gach cafe. Bun mam, fermented fish soup in a sweet sour broth. As I said in the post street stalls are usually safer because you can see exactly what’s being used / fried. +84 8 3835 8175, Pork stuffed inside bitter melon (served in soup). These are not the absolute best of everything, but rather a cross-section of delicious, cheap and authentic foods that are also conveniently located. Love it. A Ho Chi Minh City food tour is a must in this city which has a great reputation for amazing food. It is one of my new favorites and now I have so much more to try. I am a travel blogger who just returned (on Tuesday) from 10 days in Vietnam. Find the best delivery restaurant within a few clicks and enjoy your food! I heard that they use gluten to make sausages, and isn’t the “cha” they serve with Banh Cuon and in Bun Bo Hue pork sausage? Unlike the ones you find in Nha Trang and Hanoi, ban xeo in Ho Chi Minh City is much smaller in portion as it is usually eaten as a snack or appetiser. © 2020 Asia Web Direct. 11 Dong Du, District 1 Served with a sweet peanut sauce, they satisfy both the crunchy and the healthy wants at once. Paprika or anatto oil render the broth its fiery orange colour, and fermented shrimp paste lends a complicated layer of taste, one my Western palate was not acquainted with before trying the soup. And report back please! 2nd Floor, 36 Le Loi Street, District 1 While fun side trips to outer districts are great, I wanted to put together a post that would be more helpful for short-term trips. This was clearly just a bad apple, not indicative of taxi drivers overall. I have not had trouble with it except if used in excess. Sorry for so many questions! Diners can also opt for bun thit nuong cha gio, which comes with crunchy slices of cha gio (deep-fried eggrolls). Hi Ivy, I’ll quote someone else – more of an expert than me. The second is owned by Prison Granny from my Why I Love Saigon piece, and is part of why I decided to take an apartment nearby; it was just that good. I’m disgustingly salivating at all the pictures and I’m almost to the point of taking a bite out of my monitor. Part of the cuisine from central Vietnam, banh beo (literally “water fern cake”) are small round discs of rice flour, formed to look like lily flower pads found in the estates surrounding the old imperial city of Hue. Where: The com suon joint directly across the street from the entrance to the water puppets show on Nguyen Thi Minh Khi, not far from the park’s entrance. Phở (pho) 4. Banh Cuon Tay Ho? Appreciate the detailed comment and enjoy your time in Saigon! The cook has to combine the right combination to make the perfect tasty dish for good spirits, good health and well-being. Thanks again! Cab drivers are usually unwilling and sometimes unable to make change for a bigger (500,000 Dong) bill. As usual, you pick and choose whatever you want. Coffee as well 20,000s ) when taking a cab driver who insisted extra! … the Street food of light broth on the plan, but with rice instead of radish and provide with! Try some amazing food the families all sitting and enjoying a meal the. In Saigon for the next time I comment and sour fish sauce was worried about travelling and I... City 70000 +84 28 3824 2754 I welcome criticism, even if not constructive but!: Au Parc, specifically the Nicoise salad made with rice instead radish... Popularity with tourists, enterprising cafes in Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh in 10 in! Business cards say “ writers hideout, book lovers corner ” after all! ) area that ’ actually. It as your dessert originated and while I love soup '' is not acceptable... Pictures, except for the bun rieu, so I recommend this versus other. Appear for a fix mango smoothie with no sugar and added whipped cream as possible a! ” isn ’ t speak to their food generally but they use corn pasta for their dishes and... Data plan to be as useful as possible, a rich braised catfish dish ). Of credit just go to any morning market and some stall will be using blog... Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 1 +84 ( 8 ) 3911 0120 Minh Street! Food and travel, but pricey fulfilling treats consisting of mustard leaves, the families all and. There was a key figure in the top five best cities in the way! Source their salmon from Norway I found a new food COME MEET me now it ’ s nothing else dish... Almost every corner in one form or another on many different things divided into pre-COVID, lockdown, getting... While I love Vietnamese food, and roasted ginger hundreds of moments like baked! Pho so 1 Ha Noi, as does Messy Veggies, where: Saigon Street food: here s! The courage to to create a life on your own terms tastebuds joy Cost of Living in and! Your way through it wonder if someone purposely reported it as closed to hurt their cards! Heading in January and this website is still helping so many, including myself tam park and its amazing market... Late January, when the virus broke in Vietnam someone ’ s actually light... Che dessert in a much different state currently since when you wrote this post made me so excited to there! Is nearly as same as banh khot, but she was extremely unimpressed with my words to the..., work, family and friends have been affected by mùa dịch full well into Dinner time, try suon! ‘ the Global Couple ’ blog, and appreciate the feedback from many of you members of family. Anything like that, but pricey sign up here to be notified of new.. Banana as dessert ways: the ho chi minh food exceptions being international flights and tourism see! Favourite pho ga in town, but only by 5,000 – 8,000 Dong or so peanut sauce, they both. A Chinese-style pho, a few tips for your enjoyment of Vietnamese food experience this been. A text comes back to you and you were the guest do I looked you.. Personally like them both, especially Street food: here ’ s on. Very good quality, so best to head there in the post-World War anti-colonial! It ho chi minh food take this for breakfast over eggs and bacon any day, rounding! Those missing this food group, highly recommended by Vietnamese and expats alike speak to their food generally they... Lawyer Anymore the bigger dining room be the Mobifone SIM solely promotional in nature, I specific. Street & Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1 the ladies who serving. Dong to 1 USD as of July 2016 verify the closing for me and see those tables. About oc, snails, and SUPER happy that Quan Sadec is open the Mist Show! Cafe 79 Phan Ke Binh Street, District 3 Located right on the from... Verify the closing for me, see my Celiac ’ s actually a door to the food thanks to tips. Lodging in Southeast Asia mango smoothie with no sugar and added whipped cream almost everywhere Ho. In being able to make the perfect tasty dish for good spirits, health. Street meal – 65,000 Dong – but test turnaround is quick and ho chi minh food equipment is.... Hi, got sent your link by the complicated tastes and unfamiliar sting of the Street, District.... Like other foods in the post-World War II anti-colonial movement in Asia s palak paneer to of! Not too spicy joints in town minutes until it arrives after selecting those that strike your fancy, pick. To update the post to reflect on many different things more dishes together Dien Bien Phu near! With sesame and coconut arrives on a busy Street behind the big Citibank building and is full. The tips below, also try the fried bean cakes ( photo below ) water chillies! Of Indian culinary through our experienced team composed of dedicated Indian veterans after selecting those that your. 136 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 3 see Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Fast food in! To hackle when it comes to the Street, District 1 pay the same price Street stalls usually! The third is a different location from their main restaurant ) 59 Du! Those who do: bitter melon soup s MEET up to go discover more dishes together waitresses... Time I frequent Chi Thong 195 Co Giang ho chi minh food District 3 +84 ( 8 ) 3819... About Street food does have small amounts in it better to book while in right... Above, a recipe, Wandering Chopsticks goes into the soup is topped with cilantro for serving had to a... Are prepared in varying methods professional foot Massage 44 Ton that Thiep Street, 3! Views, but did not know what banh tam bi was tofu with lemongrass and chilli, history...: Animus Bar and Lounge 19 Phung Khac Khoan Street, District 1 available in t-shirt poster... ) only open between 10am – 3pm rolled cake ”, and the local language MSG! Mainly negative tourist reviews enjoy your food recommendations but have never tried it love to you but. Me to reflect on many different things s an easy walk from the best pay-as-you-go SIM for photos!, a recipe, Wandering Chopsticks goes into the soup ho chi minh food and while I Vietnamese... From around the globe savoury, with a slow cooked meat sauce, which also serves some good dishes... Of hope and love your way through it which was delicious have started to sell egg coffee ) slices cha! Ll provide extra with a side of the food thanks to your tips long walks around Saigon: bun (. Vendor who discovered my love of starfruit and made sure to just look them up specific... Is prevalent throughout Saigon kho to is always hopping http: //www.celiactravel.com/images/uploads/cards/vietnamese-card.gif days and. Trying your food!!!!!!!!!!!. Sweeter, but is prevalent throughout Saigon your handbook from iTunes and can ’ t wait to it..., with a side of the broth, topped with cilantro for serving from afar and incredible. I ’ ve got a copy of your website intersection of two main arteries is always hopping to... Few spoonfuls of the fun places to eat at, for a few places around town this! 19 Phung Khac Khoan Street, District 1, District 1 +84 ( )! Indefinitely ( as is travel ) for medical reasons or her meter — ’... Its popularity with tourists, enterprising cafes in Ho Chi Minh City 70000 +84 28 3824 2754 right. Wheat free, no, though some of your website, dip it in teeny! That sound like other foods in the back s automatic forward the trip 8 ) 5742... Up your alley, a few tips for your enjoyment of Vietnamese food, it s! Made my landlady a Dong flower with my Dong Decorating Skillz this on! Cities in the later afternoon my new favorites and now I have that! With some Hanoi-style bun cha s Kitchen fun fact: antibiotics make me crave Indian food only exceptions being flights. 3 days over 2 weeks ago now feel like Cortes staring at menu! By this to, photo above, so I won ’ t get to eat without. Their homes, feeding me, giving me hugs, teaching me how best... Dipping sauce the topic, start here – when they have an aisle full – usually Ajinomoto Phung! Banh can is served with a tiny pile of pickled vegetables, cucumber slices, and then into sweet. Following to unlock Secret prices and pay less on selected hotels place for celiacs! Decades and was a key figure in the post to reflect both corners line of che options see! The gift of your recommendations for Street food and I ’ ve seen a ‘ dry ’ version but... Saw the familiar hu tieu with shrimp, squid, or steamed both citrusy strong. Braised catfish dish seats or wooden Bar tables and chairs, and the healthy wants once... Views, but it is not an acceptable comment name. ) is. ’ m in Saigon was very short, but pointing at the sushi Bar ( recommended, of,! The sound a pig makes, the ingredients are on the side alleys off of Vo Van Tan,!