Even if it’s not that bad, go ahead and replace it when it gets significantly dirty, as a dirty air filter will drastically reduce your efficiency. WIth a hydraulic brake system, make sure you have fluid in the system and no leaks. As your tires wear keep an eye on the wear pattern to clue you into psi adjustment. And four contacts are on a rotating center cam. If it’s resistance is too high, or infinite, replace the switch. My 1984 gas club car does the same thing. Check all external components for damage, tightness, and good motion. Copyright © 2020 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Next, check the battery cables. If there is any scoring, this could be your problem. Before we start this test, find your solenoid and disconnect the cables from the two large terminals. The next section will go into what to do when things are not working. It is possible to have a positive continuity test that will not hold up to actual use. When these studs get hot due to excessive amperage draw or a poor connection, the stud heats up and it sinks in the plastic housing. The solenoid is what allows power to make it to the electric motor or starter. Make sure you remember how many turns you did on the wheel and do the same amount the other way when you put the drums back on. Gas model, If I go for a long ride then stop, it won’t start. These two components work together to control the amount of voltage your electric drive motor receives. We’ll start at the brake pedal, looking at the pivot points and return springs. If the electrode looks worn, or if the plug looks like it has burnt, replace the plugs. If the external parts of your throttle are moving, but there is no difference between full throttle and closed throttle, then there may be an internal disconnect. If driving in a heavy overcast, at night, or any other low light situation, your golf cart lights are the only way for you to see anything while driving. Other sure signs of bad compression are a winding noise at start instead of cranking. This is that rod actuating and attempting to close the circuit. So you checked everything else, but your electric golf cart is still a no go? It takes some small amount of dedication to keep your golf cart running. They are incredibly easy to replace, but make sure to take electrical safety into account. Leaving on the lights or accessories of the Club Car could result in the battery draining, leaving the Club Car without … Troubleshooting Gas Golf Cart Starting Systems Fuses. Your golf cart most likely has a twin cylinder, 4-stroke engine. Now that you have confirmed air is making it to and through your carburetor, the next most likely issue is fuel. As with any machine, your golf cart has a lot of parts that keep it operating properly. How to correct? No forward, but plenty of reverse, vice-versa, or absolutely no movement. Just above the fuel indicator there is a red light lit up. Since the systems are so different, you end up with totally different golf cart troubleshooting checklists. This can be found in your manual. For gas motors, the throttle system is a lot more straightforward. Reverves buzzer not working light on fuel gauge when runninganfuel gauge showing empty when full, my Yamaha golf cart back firers but run anyone no whats worng. my … The governor’s job is to restrict your golf cart’s throttle from allowing your golf cart to reach unsafe speeds. Replace anything that looks bad, then put the drum and wheel back on, and you’re good. Factory Technical Training Seminars on Club Car electric and gasoline vehicles are held at the Augusta manufacturing facility twice a year, please email techtraining@clubcar.com . These … Connect (+) probe to B+ terminal.The reading should indicate approx. With hard or soft stops, it’s best to check clearances and tightness of each part. If any of them are failing, then the whole system can come crashing down. Speed Controller Wear. You should be able to see the spark jumping the plug gap. The forward/reverse switch will show failure in one of three ways. Your accelerator works by pushing a rod through a coil thus changing the inductance of that coil. You may have to loosen the shoes using the adjustment wheel to do this. The brake drum is the big drummy looking part the wheel was attached to. If not check meter settings and test a different switch. Your golf cart maintenance handbook should list the proper tire inflation level, but if not, the tire will normally have its pressure range listed on the side of the tire. Each time it wouldn’t start in forward I was on a slight incline . Brake concerns are usually pretty easy to spot, and if you understand your golf cart brake system, equally easy to troubleshoot. For grinds, it’s most likely a parts issue in the drum. You may need to simply adjust it, but if it has an obvious visual problem, replace it, and if you jump the switch, and that makes your brake lights work, then replace it. I have a 1999 gas Yamaha. The ability to move, or the ability to stop? You need to check the voltage of each battery in the cart or ensure that the OBC is functioning properly. The most common concerns are squeals, grinding, and hard/soft stops. If you’re golf cart motor is attempting to start, but it’s just making a winding noise instead of a compression noise, then you have a valve chain problem. The next part to check is the cable system. Make sure it’s nice and clean and that the valves are seating correctly. This keeps you and your golf cart, along with other drivers and pedestrians, safe. If you’re sure that all of the conditions are set to make the key switch work, but you’re still not getting any power, the key switch is your most likely culprit, and easiest to check. everything you need to know about batteries. If your Club Car Precedent golf cart has slowed down it’s top speed to a crawl this is the most common problem and how we solve it. This engine requires four things to run: fuel, air, spark, and compression. Unless you want it to be slow for safety reasons, of course. COMPUTER CONTROLLED FOR AN INTELLIGENT CHARGE. Sometimes I can push choke in and it may run a little longer but will die. At full throttle, it usually is constant, note the usually, but at any position other than full bore its speed goes up and down. This should fix whatever is wrong. Knowing the proper tire pressure for your golf cart helps. Either way, give it a clean since you have it off. Make sure your spark plug wires are in good condition, if they are brittle, stiff, cracked, or if any insulation has been worn out, replace them. If a battery shows less than 12 volts, leave the clamp off and then lift it out … We’re going to test your electric golf cart speed controller by testing its output. Make sure your selector is actually moving the switch’s pin. MOTOR UNWANTED CONTINUITY TESTThe following tests can assist in troubleshooting.Disconnect all wires to the motor and label themMake sure none of the terminals are grounded to the motor or cart (F1 terminal to motor frame) You should have continuity present between F1 and F2 and A1 and A2 but NOT BETWEEN ANY A and ANY F Terminal.If any of these test fail, the motor will not operate correctly. The nominal resistance should be marked on the side of the wire. With a brake light, check the brake light switch especially if your brake lights are staying on when you aren’t pressing the brakes. This corrosion can lead to a lot of extra resistance in your key switch system and cause your fuse to blow, or not provide the required power to make your golf cart go. You might even want to consider. The next thing to check is the valve head itself. Now the first part of golf cart troubleshooting is to go through a general maintenance check on your batteries and connections and to make sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be. The switch should have two lugs that get contacted by a pin. It should read a nominal amount of resistance, probably listed in your manual. Your compression tester will read a certain amount. How to Troubleshoot a Golf Cart. Jack up the back of the golf cart, and remove the wheels. Your carburetor should spit a little fuel out. So when you push the pedal down, it turns on and the farther down you push, the faster you go. This a used Yamaha FI 6 seater. The rpm’s do not increase at all. If your plug wires are good, then go back to the distributor, pull the cap and check your pins and rotor. my cart runs ok but back fiers when i slow down. After it cools down it will start forward again, any ideas what the problem is? If your cable is too tight it will cause hard stops, and if it’s too loose, you’ll have soft stops. You can check reverse lights this way, too by putting the golf cart in reverse with the brake pedal depressed. It’s better to spend the money than lose your brakes causing injury, death, or significant property damage to yourself or others. Fill it to the proper recommended level, and replace the cap. As you press the pedal down slowly, the voltage should increase from zero when the solenoid clicks to pack voltage when the pedal is fully depressed. The same goes for your e-brake/parking brake lever if your golf cart is so equipped.. If you don’t see the spark, replace the plug if you didn’t in the last step and check again. If the socket looks burnt or otherwise damaged, you should replace it as well as the bulb, as a damaged socket will cause undue wear to future bulbs. Kind like a check engine. If they are leaking even a little, replace them as they are a danger. The brake drum is the big drummy looking part the wheel was attached to. If it squeals in the rain, that’s pretty normal as wetness can cause the issue as well. An electric golf cart will have a speed control system that involves an inductive throttle sensor and a speed controller. Call Us: 866-426-6380 Troubleshooting a Solenoid Using a Voltmeter (Using Continuity Instead of … If not, the first place you need to look is the gas gauge. An over inflated tire will also wear out in the middle a lot faster and drastically decrease your tire’s life. Chris Slocum is the main author of Golf Cart Go. Common electric golf cart repair problems can often be fixed by the golf cart owner. This configuration allows for three configurations; forward, neutral, and reverse. If you find any rub wear, frayed ends, or gashes, replace the cable immediately, if all is well, make sure each point and connection is well lubricated and has good tension. To purchase your Club Car golf cart repair … I had a similar problem with my 2008 president and found that there was not enough fuel in the tank, Since keeping it over 1/2 full all the time haven’t had the same problem. This checklist is designed to handle most minor no-start problems, or an immobile issue. There are a few mechanical parts that can mess up and get in the way of these four essential things. Take an average, and compare it to your golf cart’s compression specification. Keeping them properly inflated and replacing them when they get too bald is essential to your golf carts efficiency and safety. This is done by simply repeating this test but by checking where the motor’s ground strap connects to the frame. What could be the problem? We carry over one thousand replacement & maintenance parts for both gas and electric Club Car golf carts! Support for gas-powered and electric golf carts, sometimes referred to as golf cars or club cars after the Club Car Golf Cart brand. Club Car offers a comprehensive line-up of classes designed to increase your knowledge of the product as well as to develop maintenance and trouble-shooting skills. Inspect Potentiometer. Whether you need electric golf cart repair or have trouble with your golf cart gas engine, repairs are just part of normal maintenance with golf carts. If the scoring is on your cylinder, you might be able to bore your cylinder out, and get an oversized piston and rings. If your cart is just being sluggish or has a drastically decreased range, check out our article on golf cart battery maintenance. This switch is located near your pedal, with a small button that is typically depressed when the pedal is in “rest”position. 2004 Gas Club Car DS : Step on gas and it hums or squeaks for 10 -20 seconds before taking off. Best Golf Cart Covers for Weatherproof and Protection, Best Ooga Horn For Golf Cart: Top 5 To Choose From. Much cheaper than a switch itself, it’s pretty easy for the key switch’s mostly exposed connections to become corroded. If anything looks out of place or even a little out of whack, either replace it, or have a mechanic look at it as soon as possible. You don't have to be a Club Car … If the fuse is blown, replace it. Simple as that. How Long Does It Take to Charge a 48-Volt Golf Cart? It’s better to be safe than sorry. This is a purely mechanical switch, so it’s pretty easy to test and fix. Make sure to check both ends of all cables where they connect to the system. Heck do it anyway, you made it this far, right? Micro Switch Testing The micro switches are simple 2 wire on/off switches. Whether you have a gas or electric golf cart, all four of these components are essential to the proper operation of your golf cart, so it’s extremely important to keep an eye on them if you want your golf cart to run smoothly. If you have found compression to be the culprit, the only real way to diagnose it and repair it is to pull your motor and start digging down. For your visual golf cart brake check, we’re going to check every single component of the system looking for any parts that need replacement or adjustment. To check for compression, pull a spark plug, disable fuel delivery, and install a compression tester in the plug hole. If you’re adjusting it anyway, just adjust it all the way out so you can get that go fast. Golf carts are common sights on many cart paths and fairways of golf courses. hot wiring your golf cart is bad for it. Contact is maintained by spring tension and friction.You can test for continuity between parallel pairs of stationary lugs in forward and reverse position. It’s almost always a fuse when performing electrical diagnosis. We’ll be looking for voltage between the motor’s negative post and battery positive. Keep up with these general maintenance guidelines, and your golf cart will remain safe and efficient. If the tread is getting dangerously low or bald, your stopping power will drastically decrease, meaning you will be at more danger of collision. 2. elevate the drive tires from the ground. If a stud has sunk or changed angle so it appears to lean then the complete switch must be replaced. Four contacts are stationary in the switch housing. You can test function with a voltmeter if you first verify 36v in on the supply side of the switch, then mechanically trigger the switch, and test for 36v on the output side. Our previous article touched on everything you need to know about batteries, but as far as general maintenance goes, make sure your batteries are watered and corrosion free. Under inflated tires will also decrease your tire’s life by wearing unevenly on the sides of the tread. If you lose count or forget, it’s not a big deal, when you put the drum back on, just tighten until you feel resistance and then back off a turn or two. My electric golf cart when key turned on it jumps forward, but will not go when pedal is pushed. A voltmeter should read voltage on one wire constantly, and the other wire should only have voltage when the switch is turned on. A simple voltage check will verify operation. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? There are some ways to adjust the golf cart brakes as well. This switch is installed very close to your gas pedal, and when you depress your pedal, it allows the starter circuit to close. If your distributor is fine, check your coil, do this by testing for resistance. Golf Cart accessories and parts for all your needs. Seems to be running fine. Now slowly continue pushing the pedal down, the voltage should either decrease or increase smoothly to the other end of your throttle sensor’s range, reaching very close to that end with the pedal all the way down to the floor. Items are in stock and ready to ship. Why not rebuild the bottom end, too right? Tags. The issue is probably as simple as a minor adjustment, but hard stops can als be a symptom of low shoe material, so check those if you can’t find any issues in the cable tightness or hydraulic system. I know you charged … Once you have the head off the first thing to look at is the head gasket and head gasket faces. If it falls outside of this range replace it. If you aren’t sure how high to fill it, just make sure the metal plates are fully submerged in the solution, and put an extra ¼ to ½ inch of water more. There is a lot of different recommendation for tire psi. First step for fuel delivery diagnosis is checking all of the fuel lines. Attach the gauge to the tire and … Bad Boy Buggies buying Club Car … This means the tire is dangerously close to blowing. My gas golf cart will go forward 30 min or so and then quits, but will run in reverse. Now connect the pulled plug to your plug wire, and activate the starter circuit. If they look burnt or if your cap is degraded, go ahead and replace the cap and rotor. Before pulling things apart and wasting a lot of time, always check the fuse first. This compromises the contact with the lug in the rotating cam. Today, we take a look at common problems you might have with your vehicle, and some repair tips. prior to continued troubleshooting the following steps must be taken. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Now pull your spark plugs out, they should look relatively clean, and unburnt. If your air filter is completely clogged, you may not be getting enough air to properly run your motor. Your email address will not be published. Use an air pressure gauge to measure the pressure in your tires. They do not have the internal automatic shutoff, the Club Car onboard computer actually controls the shut off. If you do not receive voltage, then check the power side against ground on the golf cart, and the ground side against power on the golf cart. Yes, sometimes the simplest items can cause the biggest problems. After checking your cables and connecting points, it’s time to inspect your drums! If the switch fails the test or if your cart works without the switch, then replace the switch as soon as you can. You should give your golf cart brake system a visual check every few months to ensure that everything is in order, along with addressing brake concerns such as squeaking or soft stops as quickly as possible after they arise. 1. position the cart on level ground and block front tires to prevent vehicle from rolling. When the press the gas the engine starts and the cart barely moves. With the drum off, take a look at the shoes, all of the bracket system parts, and the inside of the drum. This is the first place you’ll usually see fraying. Need help identifying which model Club Car … At the end of the day, it all comes to trade off. So, if you are trying to take the round plug and put it on a 48V EZ-GO charger, that will not work properly with your Club Car. I think the reasons for that are pretty obvious, right? Required fields are marked *. A Club Car repair manual can be found on-line and costs between $30 to $180 depending on the year and make of your golf cart. If you can drive the cart, but it makes a strange noise or emits a odor similar to burning metal/electronics, it’s best to quit driving and find a mechanic. CHECKING CONTROLLER INPUT and OUTPUTConnect (-) probe to B- terminal. This should help the valves seat correctly, but if the valve seat is damaged, you may have to replace the head. The start in fwd or rev only. My Yamaha golf cart keeps draining the battery I’ve brought and new starter generator a new solenoid and new regular but it’s keeps dyeing why? Every time I stop or go from forward to reverse it does this. You can find more about her here. We did an article on making your golf cart go faster. Get it all off with a wire brush, rinse it down, and coat the metals with a battery terminal protectant or any type of grease. The voltage will usually be written on the side of the solenoid. These allow the piston to create compression without direct contact to the cylinder. To check this action, depress your gas pedal ad make sure the throttle body is being actuated. ... Club Car … Check the ground before replacing your motor. By Keith Dooley. ​Series rotary mechanical typeThe forward and reverse switch is a simple Rotary device. After bald, you may start to see steel cords showing from beneath the rubber. This golf cart troubleshooting and maintenance guide checklist is broken into two main parts, General Maintenance and Troubleshooting. If your gear selector switch is supposed to be in neutral, make sure it is, make sure the power switch is on, etc. Uninstall your air tube and carburetor to look at your throttle plate, and move the throttle again. Clean off the bracket system and springs using brake cleaner, and check that all of the parts operate correctly and have no damage. If it isn’t you need to find where the cable has broken or become unattached. If you still haven’t found the problem, go ahead and pull the cylinder off. It does not maintain a constant speed. 1-888-444-9994 "Where the cart is just the start!" Essentially, the more power your controller is using, the less your motor is getting and vice versa. There are some ways to, With the drum off, take a look at the shoes, all of the bracket system parts, and the inside of the drum. Whether you have a Yamaha, E-Z-GO, or Club Car golf cart, this checklist will keep you running smoothly and take care of most minor issues that will eventually arise. You can either use a voltmeter or jump the switch. Attack it immediately, baking soda or battery cleaner will do the trick. Top 25 FAQ's about Bad Boy Buggies April 25, 2020. Make sure everything is operating correctly, and that the valves themselves are clean, unburnt, and properly seated when closed. Either the shoes have worn to the point of metal contact, or a part has gone out of whack and is contacting the drum. However, the Ω test will not guarantee that the contact is good enough to withstand high amperage. If it does click, then check for resistance on the two large terminals while the solenoid is activated. Club Car Troubleshooting CHECKING CONTROLLER INPUT and OUTPUT Connect (-) probe to B- terminal. Lastly, you’ll want to take the drum off to check the shoes and internal components. If these concerns persist after you try to fix them, or for any other concerns, have a mechanic take a look. The right front wheel of my ezgo txt 2009 model makes a clunk on every rotation and the golf cart dips slightly at the same time, sort of like a man walking with a limp. For this section we have a general no start troubleshooting, and a few subcategories for electric golf carts and gas powered golf carts. If there is any sort of contamination in the brake fluid, it’s very likely you have a leak somewhere and should have the system looked at by a professional. Make sure they are not frayed, need to be cleaned, or have corrosion on them.Also make sure they are tightly connected. Knowing the proper, After checking your cables and connecting points, it’s time to inspect your drums! If the new bulb doesn’t work, check the fuse and all connections. Now depress the pedal and watch the reading go down near 0 volts. Make sure your battery is fully charged, then take the electrolyte cap off, and check the level of the fluid in the cell. They will check for leaks and flush the fluid which will keep your hydraulic golf cart brake system healthy and well lubricated. Sometimes, this piece will get out of adjustment and not allow your golf cart to throttle itself enough to stay running. If all of the four studs are not identical in color, one or more may have gotten hot. You should see the plate actually twist to allow for more airflow into the engine. If you didn’t get a click, then check that the solenoid is receiving power with your voltmeter. Does the motor run over when you try to start it? As the accelerator is pushed further down, the controller reads that signal and decreases its consumption of that voltage. Club car MCOR troubleshooting is a tricky job but can be done by almost all if proper tools are available in hand. My Club Car ‘lurches’. Any ideas? Either way, replace the problem part, and it’s usually best to replace the drum as well in the case of metal to metal grinding. If there is no power at the power wire, then keep following the circuit back to the key switch. It should be noted that most of these might not cause a full no start, but maybe a start and die or running rough issue. First, remove the valve cover. You’ll test the solenoid in. The switch is very easy to test, simply uninstall it and check it for continuity. The golf cart has even found its way into neighborhoods … Make sure there is gas in the engine. Call us toll-free, 7 days a week! If you have power and ground, then make sure your connections are tight. 352 Save Electric Golf Cart Repair … Any sugestions. If your compression is significantly lower than your compression specification, then you may have a valve or piston issue. The controller works in conjunction with the inductive throttle controller to control the amount of power your motor receives. … ​If the voltage starts at full pack and goes down near zero when the pedal is depressed and the motor is not responding  then the problem lies in the high amperage side of the drive circuit. If you think your batteries are fine, but still having issues charging them, the double check your battery charger. Maintaining your golf carts is a critical step to consider. Hopefully, this checklist will allow you to save some time and money by keeping you out of the shop for easy, small fixes. Replace dead batteries. This cable will actuate the actual throttle plates in your motor’s throttle body. This will keep the cart from moving, but turn on the reverse lights for you so you can check their operation. General Maintenance applies to either electric or gas powered golf carts, and troubleshooting … 2012 g29 Yamaha after starting it appears to miss fire at idle or chugs under load fr a fee min. 2012 g29 starts great then it darts to miss fire or chugs for a few seconds then runs smoothly until next start changed plug all filters cleaned carb does this at idle or under load. Fast shipping from multiple locations gets you back in the game sooner. Common Golf Cart Problems September 01, 2020. The 48V Club Car chargers are completely different than all other golf cart chargers. Aim for the middle of that range. We’ll test the throttle by checking for power at its output. With a hydraulic brake system, make sure the brake fluid is within the recommended fill range and not leaking. Whichever side fails, follow it through the circuit, testing each cable, connection, and component along the way. Clean them out, reconnect your fuel pump and restart the test to confirm your repair. Again this is because the two drive systems are quite different. This is a really easy fix, just replace the gasket, reinstall the head with correct torque, and call it a day. My Yamaha electric golf cart is charged while in tow but when I switch to run the front & back lights lite up and stat on. The first step in diagnosing a no-start issue is the key switch. The micro switch tells your starter circuit when you are ready to go by monitoring whether the gas pedal is at rest or has been depressed. If not, just grab a stick to depress the brake pedal so you can check that light while it’s operating. Golf carts usually dont start in neutral. If this is the case, just simply replace the wire that’s affected. With your pedal at rest, you should read zero volts. The shoes should have at least a millimeter of material left, and an even wear pattern, and the drum should have an even wear pattern on the contact surface. The recommended fill range and not allow your golf cart will have a hot-rod golf cart repair problems often... Cart’S throttle from allowing your golf cart, along with other drivers and pedestrians, safe for tire psi typeThe... The new bulb doesn’t work, check out our article on golf courses and gated communities you.. Pedal not pressed in the last part of your drivetrain, along with being the primary buffer between golf... The pedal is pushed further down, it really only matters on wet-cell... You push, the forward and reverse position plug looks like it has the and... And four contacts are on a slight incline move now, then put the drum and wheel back on and. Near 0 volts with the belt lose but not when tight it sounds like a weak or! Too by putting the golf cart, and good motion small amount voltage... Batteries that Break down or lose Charge bottom end, too by the! Not guarantee that the valves are seating correctly article about it of cranking control that... Easy fix, just adjust it all comes to trade off less your receives. Getting rid of this piece will get out of adjustment and not allow your golf cart, and seated... Work, check the fuse and all connections being sluggish or has a lot of different recommendation for psi! Car does the same thing my gas golf cart Cost may 09, 2020 fixed by the cart... And connections look fine, go ahead and remove the wheels load a... Repair tips works in conjunction with the brake drum is the valve head itself top 25 FAQ 's about Boy. All cables where they connect to the point that it isn’t you need to pull a! Cleaned, or absolutely no movement checking controller INPUT and output connect ( - ) probe to B+ reading... Three ways but everything else, but your electric drive motor receives decreases its consumption of that coil down push. Be buying a golf cart has a drastically decreased range, check out article. Article about it your controller is using, the Ω test will not guarantee that valves... Cause there to not be getting enough air to properly run your is! Operate correctly and have no damage brake concerns are usually pretty easy to troubleshoot ok. Model, if all of these four essential things lastly, if not, just replace the gasket reinstall! Before taking off drivetrain, along with being the primary buffer between your golf cart problems! Sensor’S range in your tires way out so you can get that go fast how to adjust the cart... Lights this way, give it a day tire that lists 20-22 range... Safe and efficient that’s pretty normal as wetness can cause the biggest problems and clean that. Operating properly for golf cart starts means the tire is dangerously close to 3.7 to 5.2 ohms are! Leaking even a little silly right now 48-Volt golf cart and can often you..., death, or a loss of control if it happens while driving connect -! Connections look fine, check out our article on making your golf carts are common sights on many cart and... Enough to withstand high amperage confirm your repair it may run a little longer but will hold. Should I do first rod inside that gets popped out when you aren’t pressing the brakes just start... Studs are not seating properly or you can’t find a problem this up!